About Us

Who We Are

Our Vision

“To establish a pool of customer base, using latest Technology and deployment of such across major cities and towns of this country. SDMA Networks Ltd is aiming at the fore front, to providing the much awaiting cutting edge technology and to finally put to rest the issue of down time and poor customer service which is common among our service providers.

Our Mission

“To nail our colour to the mast” and emerge one of the best five largest Service Providers.


Our Values

>> Integrity
>> Promptiness
>> Professionalism
>> Customer - centric
>> Innovation
>> Honesty


About SDMA Networks Limited

In 2004, recognizing the high demand and  requirement of Internet/ Intranet Services  for the Nigerian community in one hand and the subsequent international consumers in the other hand –a group of young individuals, who were at the time grounded with the local market challenges and were poised to profer solution to issues of poor workmanship and service delivery. A group of young experience engineer came together to established SDMA Networks Ltd for the purpose of correcting the aforementioned lapses and serving Nigeria and neighbouring West African Nations.

SDMA  Networks Limited was adequately positioned to ensure better industry standard and maintain a high degree ethics in the course of discharging its legitimate obligation.The company has interest in Financial Sector, Textiles, Oil and Gas, Food and Nutrition and IT with a franchise presence Ghana, Togo and Benin Republic.

Today, SDMA  Networks Ltd has evolved to emerge one of the most reliable Data Comunication Service providers for corporate establishments, Financial Institutions, Banks, Oil and Gas, Food and Nutrition etc. Our proven technology with effective pricing has made us the undisputed contender in the Telecommunication sector in Nigeria and other neighbouring West African Nations. Our latest technology, infrastructure, extensive staff training and the group strenght allow us to offer uncommon service at reduced cost. SDMA Networks Ltd operates from its Lagos office in Nigeria, thereby taken advantage of highly skilled workforce and economic leverage in the West African region. That unparalled standard of quality service delivery and cost savings is passed on to our esteemed clients. There comes a time when companies of goowill are expected to stand up and be counted, such a time is now. Hence! SDMA Networks Ltd is more than ready to mobilize its resources in a bid to register a landmark or  roadmap for the Information Communication Technology services in any geographical location within Nigeria or West African States.